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Harry's 1st Walkthrough

What the hell?

I created Harry’s 21st Birthday seven years ago, entirely on a whim. The game is not very logical—nor is it very enjoyable—so I can understand if you never played it to completion.

This morning however, in a burst of vanity, I decided to search around for “harry’s 21st birthday,” and there—nestled cozily below Prince Harry’s royal celebration, and above the Harry Potter fanfic (!!!)—I found the first (extremely beautiful and entirely thorough) walkthrough for any of my games.

A game that is all of seven minutes long, and all of three minutes good.

I am touched, doucement.

Honestly, I am confused and gladdened and flattered that someone would go through the time to do this—and just in time for Christ’s Mass (in kg), my heart is growing three sizes too large.

Now you really have no excuse!

Learn the hottest pro-tips!
Throw Harry a wicked-sweet party!
When you get to Hell, try the birthday cake! (It’s BYOBeelzebub.)