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GAMM4: The Aftermath

Well, long story short: The American Dream was not accepted as a GAMM4 finalist.

There are still a ton of positives, though, despite the obvious disappointment. When I went and posted The American Dream on the TIGSource forums, I did so just out of a sense of completeness: everyone was uploading their game, and I figured I should do likewise. I’ve said it before, but given the somewhat primitive nature of the game, I was absolutely convinced the game would be ridiculed and passed over.

I underestimated the Tiggies.

I got a ton of positive feedback (or at least 1000% more than I expected) on the forums, and even got featured on IndieGames.com. To top that all off, I apparently made it through the first elimination round, when I thought the game would be dismissed outright. So, I’d say that the response has been about as overwhelming as the Sun is more massive than Phobos. So, like, a lot overwhelming.

Random thoughts:

  • I <3 the Tiggies.
  • I love how people anthropomorphise their playthrough of The American Dream. I mean, it’s kind of hard not to, I suppose—but it’s fun to see nonetheless.
  • GAMM4 received a massive number of entries, and they’re all bloody brilliant. I’ve started a Master List on the TIGSource forums, where (hopefully) we will round up all the games into a convenient one-stop-shop for future reference/enjoyment.