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GAMM4: Now Available

In my last post, I post-mortemed the crap out of my crap submission for the decidedly non-crap GAMM4 competition.

The game—all 10 or so screens of it—is now available for purchase. I say “purchase,” when in fact I should probably say something like “I couldn’t give it away.”

It’s free, it’s online, it’s available here:

THE AMERICAN DREAM: Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era?

PC and Linux versions are available immediately; I’ll get around to compiling/testing/uploading a Mac version just as soon as I find an Apple computer on which to perform compilation wizardry.

And if you really feel up to it, swing on by my forum and discuss the game. Please, stick to constructive criticism; that is, presumably, things along the lines of “well, it didn’t technically crash.” [edit] I’ve actually removed the forums from my site. I think it would either end up as too much work for me, or none at all and thus mooted. Instead, hop on by the TIGSource forums, as Matthew pointed out in the comments below, where there will be a more lively (and centralised!) discussion. My announcement for THE AMERICAN DREAM currently resides here. [/edit]