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The Black Triangle

A new bit of terminology has shown up on the Internet radar: a black triangle, a simple, outwardly-unimpressive milestone (presented here in the context of computer science/software engineering, but presumably applicable elsewhere) that nevertheless represents a remarkable achievement “behind the scenes.” I say “new” terminology, though the original mention linked above is dated to 2004—oh, and Wikipedia seems to have a few somewhat less favourable definitions of the term. Still, it’s new to me, and that’s good enough for… well, for me.

In this light, I can say that the majority of my thesis work consisted of layer upon layer of black triangles. One might even call my thesis a black Sierpinski triangle. And we all know that the Triforce is a constrained Sierpinski triangle.

Ergo, Zelda is awesome, and you should go to this site and download some killer hip-hop/Zelda remixes.

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