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Alien vs Predator (JAG) maps




Alien vs Predator (JAG) is pretty much one of only/lonely reasons to own an Atari Jaguar [Citation needed] – though Edge magazine rightly focused on its lack of stairs.

Digging through some old ephemera, I found these old printed maps I’d used to actually finish the game (the location/layout of vents in that game was just butts); naturally, I digitised them forthwith. I love how the designers were constrained to axis-aligned walls (coding angles is hard), but still managed to build these macro-pixelated structures: the Alien & Predator ships are the standouts, obviously, but I kinda have a soft spot for the escape pod at the very southern end of Sublevel 5.

The major areas are shown below; you can get the full maps (with life-like vents and everything) here.

Sublevel 1

Level 1

Sublevel 2

Level 2

Sublevel 3

Level 3

Sublevel 4

Level 4

Sublevel 5

Level 5

Alien ship

Alien ship

Predator ship

Predator ship