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*Oases* follow-up – Word is bond/bagel

In my last post, I discussed Oases, my entry for the Ludum Dare 48-hour game jam (check out the game here); not long thereafter, I issued the following challenge on Twitter. As shown below, my lofty target of getting at least one more rating was hit – what dazzling heights we reach upon aiming low.

Not being one to break a promise, today I ate a bagel. It was an emotional journey which I captured in photographs (several of which were doctored unnecessarily in my cell phone’s software), and which I present herewith.

I insist that you open up this song in an adjacent tab to accompany the very brief, nostalgic – one might even say Internet – slide viewing.


I’m in good company. Just like that video game, Bad Company 2.


Mark Twain said of Montréal:
“Sweet flying fuck there’s an ass-load of churches up in this piece.” (Apocryphal)


Dieu du Ciel brewpub. Religious experience indeed.


Why else would the “found in Grandpa’s attic” filter have been invented?
Note the CLOSED sign, which is pretty much perpetual.


Another church. How unorthodox.


Science has proven these are the best in Mile End. Science.


Mais que c’est mignon and smells good too.


Still warm. Soon to be eaten with butter.
Words cannot define the boundaries of this heavenly dominion.

2011 is dead. Long live &c.