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Everything is Wonderful

I made another small, obnoxious prototype-y game, Everything is Wonderful.

Progress on the recently de-titlised procedural stealth game was slow (many random engine refactors), so I took a break to learn the LÖVE2D API, and see if I could throw together a game in a jam-like time frame (two days to a week).

Mission: Potentially Accomplished!

Everything is Wonderful 1

Everything is Wonderful 2

Everything is Wonderful 3


It was vaguely inspired by the G20 Summit, and the fun with nomenclature they clearly had in granting police unreasonable powers under the “Public Works Protection Act.” The rest just came from me being bored at work.

It’s not exactly a very deep or subtle game; nor, frankly, is it that much fun. But it came together on schedule, so I’m pleased. As others have said, putting together even cheap, short, and unpolished games can be a good thing at times.


  • Use the arrow keys to do everything.
  • Don’t leave the designated area.
  • Don’t get caught with illicit materials.

Download the game here.