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Photo Project: A Year in the Life

I’ll fully admit that I am, at heart, a complacent kinda dude. Doing any kind of work, well, took and takes me an extra push of motivation that, often, isn’t there.

Fortunately, one of my colleagues and I recently got to talking more and more about design in general (hm? oh sure, random linkdump: Swiss Miss and The Design Observer Group), partially inspired by, and partially begetting, a viewing of Helvetica. From there, we set ourselves a modest graphic design challenge (about which I will be more forthcoming in upcoming days), along with a more long-term one.

The latter challenge we’ve dubbed “A Year in the Life.” The rule is simple: take a picture every day during the span of a year, and share the results online. As for the execution… we’ll see how simple that may be.

Check it out if you’re interested: A Year in the Life. As Lando would say, here goes nothing.