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GDC09, Day 2: Training Day

Today was a student-oriented day starting, oddly enough, with student orientation. Got a few tips from Darius Kazemi on networking effectively—it involves basically having no shame. One must know how to get into a conversation, and almost as importantly, how to pass a dud converser on to someone else. I also met my mentor, Dustin Clingman, who gave me similar advice… and also serves as an introduction machine. Somewhat intimidating to watch these gents walk into a room and know 90% of everyone. Then again, that’s part of the game here…

Then, a tour of Three Rings, a local studio working on casual/MMO/puzzle games, run by Mr. Daniel James, Pirate. Very nice studio, hitting a semi-casual, semi-dedicated audience.

The evening consisted of a string of parties—first an apparently “Canadian” party with flags, poutine, Nanaimo bars, and roast beef sandwiches a’plenty. Remind me to have more roast beef sandwiches when I get home, as I’m clearly missing out on a vital part of Canadiana. Next, we caught a cab across the peninsula (surprisingly cheap, regardless) to the Harmonix Rock Band party, where last year, apparently, The Who made a surprise appearance. This year, however, The Who did not appear, and in their stead I did my best not to ruin… whatever song we happened to be playing.

Finally, from there to the main IGDA party, being essentially a ballroom the size of a football pitch crammed with game developers. The smell was surprisingly pleasant, and the company interested and interesting. From there, a short walk through the streets of San Fran—stopping in at The Cellar, a local hole in the floor, to scream over loud music and say hello to my friend Erin, and then back to the hotel to crash.

Well, shower, then crash. Shower, cut myself shaving, then crash. Good night.