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EUR07: Out of the frying pan, into the Greek fire.

And I thought Rome was hot.

Train to Bari, where once again I walked for about 45 minutes in the wrong direction, then walked back to find my ferry to Greece. Onboard, I met some nice Tennessee-ans and shared a bottle of wine at cast-off.

As much as the ferry advertized the seats as “aircraft-style,” I have to say that I can sleep on aircraft… I couldn’t quite manage it on the boat. Might have to do with the Spanish-themed fiesta going on above deck, or the one night-light they left on in the room being right in my face.

Like I said, I thought Rome was hot, and that I’d gotten used to the Yellow Face (it burns us, Precious). I don’t know how you say “Think again, hoser” in Greek (it’s likely something like mykthios thalphineas papathanasopoulous), but Athens is… well… hotter. On the train from Patras to Athens, in my foolishness in the mad rush to find seats, I sat at the one seat facing the exact core of the Sun. And it was only 3pm… I can’t imagine what I’ll do come midday tomorrow. Luckily, for the first time in years, I’m actually working on a tan, and keeping from burning too much. Still, I’ll likely be showering more in Athens than I have this entire trip (that is, more than twice).

If you’ll now excuse me, I hear that the hostel’s water is drinkable, and I intend to have it all.

[edit] And yes, the roof-top bar at the hostel has a fantastic view of the Acropolis. And I’ve come all the way to Athens to have a hockey discussion with some Québecois. Go figure. [/edit]